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The Essential Guide To Buying Art As A Gift

 Mixed Media Painting of Stag in abstract Colourful Landscape

With the holiday season fast approaching it's about now that we start thinking about buying gifts for our loved ones. How about buying art as a gift this year ?

Here are my top 10 tips for gifting art and why it is such a thoughtful, unique and personal gift for any occasion:

  • Birthdays, Christmas, christenings, anniversaries, house moves, weddings... there are so many occasions we mark with gift giving. The perfect present, chosen with love and thought is going to be treasured by the recipient. Why not a piece of art? It will last a lifetime, be unique and if it is an original piece it will be handmade.

  • It doesn't have to break the bank. But art is expensive you say? Not necessarily. A large oil painting beautifully framed will have a price tag that reflects the number of hours taken to paint it and the skill involved but a limited edition print or a piece of pottery from a local ceramist will be much more affordable. Or a small piece from a an artist you admire or a work on paper rather than canvas which are usually lower priced. Other top tips; graduate degree shows, local art fairs and artist open houses all places where it is possible to pick up something gorgeous and at a price that may, pleasantly, surprise you. Here is my 2023 flip portfolio of budget friendly git ideas, all available on my website

  • Receiving a piece of art as a gift is a very special experience but make sure you cover some basics when considering what to buy. What is the recipients homestyle? Minimalist? Edwardian townhouse with antique furniture? Country cottage with florals and a lived in look! A beautiful hand thrown vase may be gorgeous but less practical in house with three dogs and toddlers! My Seascapes grace the walls of both coastal houses and urban homes where they remind the owners of happy days spent by the ocean (click the image below for more details)

Mixed media seascape for coastal home or memory of seeing the ocean

  • Also consider the size of the house or apartment, is there an empty wall space crying out for a painting to fill it or would something that can stand on a shelf be more practical?

  • A surprising rule of thumb is if you like it your friend probably will too. After all you must have quite a lot in common to be friends!

  • Make it meaningful; a landscape of a favourite travel destination, a floral painting for a keen gardener, a seascape for a sailor or surfer?

  • Or maybe a commission of a painting of a beloved pet or child...

  • If you're still undecided or confused then consider using the services of an expert. Most galleries are only too willing to help and for a large budget enlisting the help of an Art Consultant is a very wise move.

  • And for the gift of art without the worry of getting it wrong there is always a gift voucher. I sell evouchers from £50 upwards redeemable against work on my website and with no expiry date

  • Finally; gifting art is gifting an item that will appreciate in value. Unlike mass produced items with a shelf life or built in obsolescence the value of a painting or sculpture for instance rises year on year. So to mark a special occasion such as the birth of a grandchild, a wedding or a special anniversary a piece of art is not only a thoughtful and beautiful present it is also a wise investment.

Flashes of Brilliance mixed media painting hanging in The Mall Galleries Society of Wildlife Artists Natural Eye Exhibition

For example, this painting Flashes Of Brilliance is currently hanging in The Mall Galleries as it was selected by The Society Of Wildlife Artists for their 60th Natural Eye exhibition. This is my second year exhibiting with them as well exhibiting with The Royal Society of British Artists and The Royal Watercolour Society. These prestigious exhibitions enhance an artist's cv and add value to their work. Which will increase the return on your investment!

So what are you waiting for, will you be gifting art this holiday season?

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Apr 20

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Apr 20
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This is an artist’s own insight into the business of art buying. Jane is an award-winning artist who knows her stuff inside out. She really cares about her clients and artist colleagues, and is highly approachable, Her relaxed and happy approach to her work and her subject matter extends to her writing and her selling. Jane Wilson is the go-to person if you want to develop your eye for, and love of, visual art collecting.

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