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    And The Storm Passes

    • As I write this it's the end of September 2022 and here in the UK we are living in a dystopian nightmare. I hope that when I read these words back in a few months the storm will have passed and the madness subsided. I don't intentionally paint with any political agenda but of course it creeps in, artists tend to be overthinking, political beings! 

      Swallows bring hope when they arrive and a tinge of sadness when they depart. They are wonderful and I wish them well on their journeys this winter.


      30cm x 30cm mixed media on board framed in a white solid wood frame measuring 31cm x 31cm x 3cm 



    • Free UK P&P

      Please contact me if you are an international customer outside the UK for a quote as I may be able to help but unfortunately I am not sending things to the EU at this time.

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