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I am an award winning British mixed media artist, living in Cornwall and drawing inspiration from the wonderful coast and landscape that surrounds me.

I have a large collection of maps, books and other printed material and I incorporate these into my work along with other collage material that I paint and print myself.

My paintings and artworks can be either representational or abstract depending on the subject and what it is I want to convey to the viewer. Likewise my subject matter varies but there is always a connection somewhere to nature. 

Prices include UK shipping; please contact me if you are outside the UK so I can give you a quote.


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Please click through to view some of my latest work. If you've seen something in particular on Instagram or Facebook and its not here please get in touch, it may be in an exhibition or still waiting to be uploaded! 

The Observer's Book of Larger British Mo
Wood Sandpiper.jpg

Observer's Books

A collection of original paintings and collages using vintage Observer's book pages and covers. I love these books and have tons of them. Only the battered ones get cut up and painted on though! Please contact me if you would like any more information.

Magenta and Green Collagraph 3
Khadi paper seascapes.JPG

Ideal as gifts these are my smaller works, they are all inspired by the Cornish coast and countryside.


Dive into the sea .jpg
Harbourside Mixed Media on board 2021 Image size 20.3cm x 20.3cm Framed size 21.5cm x 21.5

Land & Seascapes

Mixed media is the perfect way to convey the emotion, sounds, textures and other sensations of landscapes and seascapes; trying to connect the viewer to the essence of the scene I have captured in paint, collage and other materials. 

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Yellow flowers in an old mug.jpg

Florals & Still Life

As a former textile designer I am drawn to pattern, colour and texture and these paintings celebrate all three. 

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