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    Ebbing andFlowing

    • I describe my process as "painting with paper". Collage is as an integral part of my artist toolkit as brush or pencil. The majority of my collage papers are intentionally created using textures and colour palettes found in the landscape or on the beach so I have sea inspired piles. rock, landscape, foliage etc etc Nothing is random in a painting, everything is carefully considered but saying that, this piece kind of created itself. I was "in the flow", one of those perfect afternoons where I knew instinctively which piece to use and where and the painting came to together beautifully.

      30cm  x 30cm mixed media on board framed in a white wooden frame.


    • Free UK P&P

      Please contact me if you are an international customer outside the UK for a quote as I may be able to help but unfortunately I am not sending things to the EU at this time

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