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Sounding The Alarm

  • SOLD

    Sounding The Alarm - The warning cries of Herring Gulls are so evocative of coastal living, louder and more frequent during the Summer months as the current chicks become fledglings but also symbolic of the threats that face all our sea birds. Depleting fish stocks, warming seas, more frequent storms and now bird flu again. Sadly they are destined for a very tough winter...

    As my newsletter subscribers know I like to rework paintings. Or maybe, more accurately, some paintings take a long time to finish! This was one such painting, it was finished, or was it? There was something niggling me and my eye kept being drawn to it. Whilst I was working on the idea for Sounding The Alarm I realised that the painting sitting in the corner of my studio was the perfect starting point and meant I didn't have to begin from scratch. 

    I am thrilled to say that Sounding The Alarm has been accepted into The Society Of Wildlife Artists Natural Eye exhibtion and will be exhibited in The Mall Galleries, London from the 13th October - 22nd October 2022. 

    Unavailable currently to buy online from me but you can buy online from The Mall Galleries, The Natural Eye Exhibition. Sounding The Alarm is on page 13! 

    Many layers in this painting, collage, dry media, and love! 

    22cm x 22cm mixed media on board framed in a stained white tray frame.


  • Free UK P&P

    I also ship to the USA, for an additional shipping cost. 

    Please contact me if you are an international customer outside the USA for a quote as I may be able to help but unfortunately I am not sending things to the EU at this time

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