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That's a wrap!

Updated: May 12, 2021

Well that’s a wrap folks; 100 days and well over 100 collages. A new home, in a new county and many more wonderful Instagram buddies made.

That last bit is the best bit, social media gets bad press at times but the detractors need to come and join the arty community, we’re a friendly lot! I know there are some people who are still a little way off finishing so it’s nice to know it won’t all end abruptly, I’m going to miss all your journeys and wonderful posts.

So what have I chosen to create for the final post?

Well in characteristic style there is more than one collage ! I thought back over the project and what has given me me the most satisfaction and where I feel I’ve learnt the most and I think it’s composition. It definitely feels easier, I certainly don’t get it right every time but looking back from day 1 through to day 100 I can see some growth and progress. How about you guys? What are your takeaways from your #100dayproject ?

Collages constructed from painted vintage book pages

See you soon x

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