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A strange week

Updated: May 12, 2021

A strange old week. Hope yours has been ok, and if not that you’ve got family and friends to buoy you up. Shout if not, I’m here, not particularly useful probably but I’m a good listener.

Anyway, it’s the final few days of #the100dayproject and I’ve got that end of holiday feeling, it’s been great but I’m ready to go home now! I’m going to try and finish, day 100, with everyone else which I think is this Monday? Please let me know if I’ve got that completely wrong... Not sure what I’ll probably post for day 100, it would be lovely to go out with a bang but I think it may be a whimper!!!

I’ve made quite a few collages over the last few days, but I’ve chosen these four as they are part of an ongoing exploration of my new home; colour, texture,shape, sound, even taste. Everything is salty, I put a peg in my mouth when I was doing the washing and it tasted salty! Also my hair always smells of the outdoors, if you know what I mean?

Those who know me and my art will know that I have shied away from landscapes and seascapes as so many artists paint them, it’s that age old hankering to be unique, to paint my way but also to not insult nature by trying to mimic her. I want to capture the essence, the feeling, maybe the taste and sound? I’m still playing, and definitely still learning.

There’s no rush...

Have a lovely weekend xx

Days 96, 97, 98 and 99 #100daysofcollage

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