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#100 Days of Collage

With the studio open for business I settled down on Monday with a clean table (unheard of!) and thought now what? So many ideas, so many possibilities and directions I could take...

I must confess I was a bit overwhelmed. So I dug out my trusty box of collage fodder and started where I’d left off. Using my limited palette I just created, it was amazing how quickly the overlapping thoughts in my brain sorted themselves out and hushed up. Maybe it’s the new environment, maybe it’s the anticipation of finally being able to create properly after so long, maybe it’s just muscle memory but these four came together in a very enjoyable, intuitive fashion.

I think that’s the last of this kind of collage for a while, I’ve got four completely different ones for the next post and then I’m not sure. I think I’m going to try and assimilate the collages into the other things I’m doing... we’ll see. That’s the beauty of playing, no rules, just doing it for the love of it.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. The final pic was taken on my morning walk with the youngest pup, couldn’t resist spamming you all with another sea shot!

Days 81,82,83 and 84 of #100daysofcollage

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