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100 Days of Creating Collages

If you're reading this then the chances are you are also taking part in the 100 Day Project, if you're not have a Google to see what its all about and join in? I am taking part for the second time, I don't normally take part in Instagram challenges but this is fun, pressure free and I absolutely adore seeing what other artists on instagram are doing. So many different ideas, so much art inspiration!

So what am I going to do for 100 days? Oh boy have I flip flopped between ideas (I'm never short of ideas, just the time to do them!) but I have settled on 100 Days of Snips on Book Pages

I've given myself a parameter, all the collages will be on book pages, but it's loose enough that I can have some fun with it. To kick off the first week or so will be all about florals as we have so many spring flowers in bloom despite the fact that it is the middle of February.

I'll be sharing the collages on Instagram but I'll use this little blog to share my learning, frustrations, tips and generally arty ramblings. If there's anything in particular you'd like to know, about collage techniques or any other art matters, get in touch and I'll try and help . See you in a few days x

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