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Captivating Cornwall

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Thank you for all your kind messages about my upcoming exhibition, I'm beginning to find my feet down here and get a little more established. There are so many wonderful artists and craftspeople that it's quite daunting to "put yourself out there" !

Though there's no point creating in a void, Art is meant to be seen!

I have one more exhibition before the end of the summer, this time a group one. I'll send out details nearer the time. So I'm in a happy place, finishing some pieces off for this and gathering inspiration for new work.

Summer means visitors and the return of my adult children so I am in the studio less frequently. How do you artists out there make that work? I am getting up earlier, being strict with myself about social media and limiting scrolling (hard!) so that I can grab a few hours in the studio before they get up. It seems to work quite well as I am more productive in the morning, I always thought I was better later on in the day!

I'm also using my phone camera more than my sketchbook at the moment as I'm out and about on walks and sketching from memory when I return and I'm alone. I'm enjoying this different approach. After a few hours ambling along the coast path with a loved one, the memory of the walk is tinged with, happiness and a sense of wellbeing and calm which feeds into my work. Maybe the next few paintings will have calmer seas and less turbulence than some!

Between Land, Sky and Sea 26 July - 4 August 2022, St Endellion Church Hall

Click below for the webpage and all details of this and the world renowned music festival taking place at the same time.

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