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Definitely my 90th collage

I’m pretty sure it’s day 88 and not 90; I’ve confused myself by posting multiple collages in single posts but this is definitely my 90th collage. 90 collages!!

Collage Collagraph Print Artwork Art

Multiple that with all the other creative endeavours produced by the Instagram family and that’s a heck of a lot of creativity, wow! I’m going to miss this project when it’s over but I’ve got lots lined up so I’m sure it will be a fleeting feeling!

This is is another chine-collé experiment, I’ve had a fair few misses but this worked ok, it stuck for starters! I’ll post again on Friday and share some more, I better not post tomorrow or I’ll finish way before everyone else!

Thanks for all the recent follows and likes and website visits. I am going to devote some time over the next few weeks to updating my website and popping a few new bits on there, maybe a few recent collages. As always if you’d like to be prompted when new work is about to be uploaded or to read more of my ramblings about life by the sea please feel free to sign up for my newsletter. They are definitely not frequent things, I’ve sent out one this year so far, probably because I’ve spent all my time playing!!! I’m definitely neglecting the business side of stuff but I had a lovely collector in Australia rehome two of my paintings this week so that was nice

Day 90 #100daysofcollage

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