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Facing the ocean

Updated: May 12, 2021

Our new house faces the ocean. It is Victorian with the high ceilings and tall windows you’d expect to find in a house of this age, and all the rooms at the front have amazing sea views.

I start the day with a coffee and the dogs and I watch the sun come up, and if the tide is in, the fishing boats going about their business. Coastal life is determined by the tide and the weather, the tide comes in and out go the fishing boats, the glass bottomed tourist boats and the ferries to Looe Island. During the day we watch kayakers and SUP’s paddle past and often spot Navy ships and cargo vessels on the horizon. As the tide goes out the boats disappear, waiting for the tide to turn and the cycle to continue.

My daily sketching has included lots of different boats and vessels and this little quartet of collages is based on these.

Hope you all have a great week x

Days 85,86,87,88 #100daysofcollage

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