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My Painting Playlist

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

I'm curious... What are your studio sounds? Or your driving tunes or the beats you bathe to? Do you iron in silence or dance with sheer abandon? What is your painting playlist?

Funky plant mixed media and  collage  brightly coloured orange, yellow and green painting by Jane Wilson artist
Funky Plant Mixed Media and Collage Painting

I've tried silence in the studio and it certainly has it's place, especially when I'm really in the flow; whilst I adore audiobooks they require a degree of concentration which isn't readily available when I'm creating. 100% goes into the process. Oh and don't try to hold a conversation with me if I have a brush in my hand; I'm not being rude I just can't hear you!

My spaniel is the same; there's a misconception that if a dog doesn't have a good, reliable recall then they are naughty. If your pooch is reliable most of the time yet sometimes it's nose goes down, the tail starts wagging like a windscreen wiper on maximum and it becomes stone deaf it is because it literally is.

When a scent driven dog finds a sniff that's more interesting than you then they're away with the fairies. Just like Jane and her paint! Thankfully my spaniel loves a squeaky ball more than anything in the world so I can always get him back... I'm not so easy... Theres no squeaky ball equivalent to grab my attention when I'm arm deep in creating!

I've digressed haven't I... the post is about studio sounds, not spaniels or squeaky balls!

As a heads up...this will happen a lot. I've been told by friends that I am classic ADHD, maybe that's true, or maybe I am just easily distracted!

Back to the point ...

When I want a bit more than silence and the sounds of the seagulls on the roof I listen to playlists that I create on Spotify. My current favourite is titled "Uplifting" because it's exactly that, and great to sing and dance to!

A selection of the tracks that are on there:

  • Sounds of Blackness - Optimistic

  • Brand New Heavies - You are The Universe

  • Jason Mraz - Have It All

  • Van Morrison - Bright Side Of The Road

  • Incognito - Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing

  • Starship - Nothing's Gonna Stop us now

If want to add to this please do, as you can see it's already pretty eclectic and it'll be great to find new inspiring and uplifting tracks to max out those positive vibes xx

If you've made it this far please let me know what you think about this post and whether there's anything you'd like my quirky take on in the future. I have lots of ideas but happy for suggestions too xx

Lots of love xxx

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