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Swimming and Serendipity

Serendipity has been very important this year; starting back in early January when my daughter spotted a house that had been relisted on Rightmove; husband saying "I can only view on Sunday", me "they don't do viewings on Sundays", Estate Agent "we can only do a viewing this Sunday"... and the rest is history! Thanks to that wonderful little snippet of chance we now have this on our doorstep!

I played hooky from work yesterday morning as both the tide and weather were in our favour and that meant a wild swim in this glorious tidal pool just a few minutes drive away. It was glorious, and cold, but it fired me up and I came straight home and began recording the sensations and experience of the morning in my sketchbook.

If you follow my work you'll know that I don't paint photographic representations of landscapes and seascapes. Instead, I want to transport the viewer to a happy memory and the sensation of standing on a clifftop or tor or being on a beach watching the crashing waves and feeling the sun on your face or the bite of a breeze on your cheek. All my experiences down here, be it a wild swim or a walk on the moors feed into my art.

My paintings are all mixed media but the treatment varies depending on the piece; these two are very different but still my work!

I've had a few trips to Oxford recently as you will have seen from my Instagram stories. Two of my children are at Uni there and I never tire of this wonderful city. Last weekend I broke the journey with a visit to Little Buckland and a gorgeous gallery, aptly called Little Buckland Gallery. It was beautifully curated and I aspire to have my work hanging there alongside some truly fabulous artists.

I didn't note the name of the top bowl's maker but the bottom vessel is by Yvette Glaze, a very talented artist and ceramicist whose work I adore.

I need to go and post some parcels and then get cracking in the studio while the light is good (it's glorious weather today, crisp and blue) so that's it for now.

If you'd like to chat, visit the studio or enquire about work you've seen that I haven't put on the website yet please get in touch, it's always lovely to hear from you

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