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The season of mists and mellow fruitfulness...

...or the season of stormy seas and skies followed by blood red sunsets and gorgeous sunrises, take your pick!

Everything down here in the Duchy is slightly different to everywhere else. The pace of life for one, even in the height of Summer you can find calm if you look for it and now that the season has come to a close there is a gentleness to the rhythm of life that makes you stop and take a deep restorative breath. I break up my working day and rest my eyes by taking the dogs for long beach walks, watching the seabirds and rooting around for bits of sea glass or interesting stones. It makes me feel like a child again, simple pleasures are the best don't you think?

Workwise I have two paintings on show at the South West Academy of Art's Annual Open Exhibition and I have finished off a couple of larger paintings that complement the smaller collection. I've called this group "The First Seven Months" as they were all created during my first seven months living here. It'll be interesting to see what the next seven months brings!

By and Large - £395 unframed and £495 framed as shown (inc UK postage and packing)

Off to the studio now, see you on a week or so x

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